Teacher Ki Mohabbat Mein Giraftar Talibe Ilm Ki Khudkushi – Qutb Online 20 January 2017

20 jan

Qutb Online is an interesting amalgamation of religious and philosophical content, Qutb Online addresses various principles of Islam.


The program highlights teaching of Islam, focusing on the multitude problems of society and its impact on the lives of individuals. It also incorporates queries from live audience and take live calls. Encouraging intelligent dialogues on sensitive religious subjects, Qutb Online caters various topics to help eradicate misconceptions that prevail in the minds of people.

Fresh Timing : Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . 7:00 Pm – 8:00 PM

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2 Responses to Teacher Ki Mohabbat Mein Giraftar Talibe Ilm Ki Khudkushi – Qutb Online 20 January 2017

  1. Mr.Qutub,
    I feel saddened on this incidence.
    Enough is enough, all the respoonsibility is on all of us. Where’s society who has turned blind eye towards education system, Parents are thrusted towards minting money and are devoid of responsibility,mothers are glued with Indian TV and Pak TV seeing sopes gleefully watching illicit relationship and accepting them, This killed kid got suicidal thought because every dram ends with hero giving la

    • heo giving last message of his triumph and curtain drops. All like a movie hero. Question is why has he written a letter to principal and not to his beloved teacher while partying because she did not show enough love receprocal to his intensity. He wanted to show that he’s heo and only hindside fear that his parents may not be trapped by police. Why a gun is placed unsupervised in a house? because no one is safe and police is partner in crime and thus for safety people are forced to do that. For god sake dont ask why he was engaged at the age of 16. Look around you and youll get the answer.
      Your question and crime reporters investigative analysis was fake. I bet , tell be which school checks gun in school bag. Your airport scanning gates are non functional and you are talking about school chowkidar search…rediculus.

      Please bring your focus on society’s evil and process to control..specially top down,

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