Apke Masael Ka Hal – Qutb Online 11 August 2016

5 may

Qutb Online is an interesting amalgamation of religious and philosophical content, Qutb Online addresses various principles of Islam.


The program highlights teaching of Islam, focusing on the multitude problems of society and its impact on the lives of individuals. It also incorporates queries from live audience and take live calls. Encouraging intelligent dialogues on sensitive religious subjects, Qutb Online caters various topics to help eradicate misconceptions that prevail in the minds of people.

Fresh Timing : Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . 7:00 Pm – 8:00 PM

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2 Responses to Apke Masael Ka Hal – Qutb Online 11 August 2016

  1. Erum Aamir says:

    Erum Aamir

    • Mohammed Khaled Ali says:

      Dear Syed Bilal qutub bhai,
      assalam aalikum,
      I want to inform you that i am Indian national and living in Saudi Arabia
      since 30 years with family. I have always in problems my income is not
      enough to fulfill square necessities of our life even i could not go India
      since 30 years bcoz my income is very less i could not buy even tickets
      for my family and could not go my self.
      Because:. six months job huta hai six months jobless rahta hun
      kutch business karta hun tu wu bhi sucess nahi huta.

      Please advise urgently what i have to do.

      My name is Mohammed Khaled Ali.
      Please reply urgently.

      thanks and best regards.
      Mohammed khaled

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