Darbar Zinda Peer Ghamkol Shareef Se – Qutab Online 25 March 2015


Host: Syed Bilal Qutab

Qutb Online is an interesting amalgamation of religious and philosophical content, Qutb Online addresses various principles of Islam.


The program highlights teaching of Islam, focusing on the multitude problems of society and its impact on the lives of individuals. It also incorporates queries from live audience and take live calls. Encouraging intelligent dialogues on sensitive religious subjects, Qutb Online caters various topics to help eradicate misconceptions that prevail in the minds of people.

Fresh Timing : Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . 7:00 Pm – 8:00 PM

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4 Responses to Darbar Zinda Peer Ghamkol Shareef Se – Qutab Online 25 March 2015

  1. Bilal sahab aap ki shuru ki ek speech meiney suni thi to achay bhalay lagay thay, afsos sad afsooos !! Neem hakeem khatra e jaan, neem mullah khatra e eeman !! waseeley?? jo zaat keh rahi hai Quran mein INNI QAREEB. INNI use hua hai not NAHNU, uske liye waseeley? nonsense, rubbish, kia farq hai un mushrikon main jo buton ko waseela kartay thay or aap logon main jinhon ne peeron ki qabron ko waseela banaya hua hai !!

  2. ayaz khan says:

    wrong no,s all

  3. Muhammad Murad says:

    apne apne soch ki baat hay.ye wasela hi hame age ki manzil tak le jata hay.

  4. Let me tell me Brother what is meant by shirk?? What is the difference b/w the worship of Idole & Qaber?? why the prophet PBUH was strictly restricted the stay & offering prayer near to Qaber??
    Soo sad today our media do not guide the people but missguide….

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