Munafqat – Iftar Ka Samaa 6 August 2013

A studio based Live transmission with Sanam Baloch and eminent Sufi scholar, Syed Bilal Qutab. The program will be packed with standard and special Ramazan specific segments and a diverse lineup of guests including celebrities, musicians, comedians, politicians and an array of regular panelists.

Hosts: Syed Bilal Qutab and Sanam Baloch

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2 Responses to Munafqat – Iftar Ka Samaa 6 August 2013

  1. zarmeenaomer says:

    have some shame u n sanan baloch ,u ppl dont know the ABCof the islam n u ppl dont have any respect for our tespectable scholars nu keep on nulifying their justfucations as u are the head of islam shame in u n sanam baloch jin ko sirf ramazan mein uslam yaad aa jata hai nobody appreciates you loooser have sum shame na sunat ki baat karte ho to pehle sunnat oer amal to karna sekho na munch na dari hai tumhari pathetic i hate u the most

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