4 Responses to Jadoo Ki Haqeeqat – Bilal Qutb in Tasawuf Episode 1 Value TV

  1. Sam says:

    Salam, I saw your numerous shows and i am a fan of your wisdom. Today I saw your discussion of Jinn and magic. Quran is for Jinns, humans and all the ‘Bashir’ of this world. My experience with the jinns tells me that Good Jinns(Muslims or any righteous) VS the Evil Jinns are easily identified. If a Jinn hurts someone(Human or other jinns) with his acts he will be easily identified among other jinns as his face and body shape will get worst and ugly depending upon the bad deeds he conducts. In contrast, a good jinn who prays 5 times and do all the right deeds per the teaching of Quran and sunna, he will have noor on his face and among the jinn community everyone will know he is a righteous jinn. However, in humans we are not identified based on our good and bad deeds. Secondly, I think magic is all over the world some cultures recognize it and some dont. some humans feel that there is magic on them and some humans can not because they dont have that natural feeling or awareness. Third important thing is that in humans we learn education and different skills to be successful such as businessmen, engineers, construction workers, doctors etc. however, in jinn world they get powers from their elders. Some get powers of healing others through reciting certain Quranic versus others get powers to know possible future problems and some get powers to tell others, there problems and helping one to discover themselves. I am not trying to prove you wrong or stating i am right. This is just my observation and experience. Regards

    • Farooq shahid says:

      Mr.Sam are you a Jin? Becoz you have a lot of information about Jins and their rituals. If you are a Jin then tell what kind of, Evil or Good?

  2. sadia says:

    AOA! bilal bhai meri shadi hoi meray hasband kehte they k mujh main jinnat hain.. jo unney nazar atte hain beshuk main ghar pe hun ya nahi….. wo kehte k meray sath jinnat khare hote thay phir jab meray husband un jinnat ko dantte to wo challey jate… is it possible
    mera naam sadia hai or husband name faisal
    sadia mother name aqeela
    faisal mother name najeeb kausar
    husband ne mujhe divorce kar diya hai
    app plz bata dean k mistake kis side se hai
    plz meray future k barey main bata dean..
    its a humble request

  3. syed mubbashir says:

    sadia asa mumkin nai ha i think ap k main kse or main interested thy ya bahana unhain munasib laga ap sy jan churany ka agr jinnat kase k kahny py asy chaly jayain tu sary he asa karain

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