Saale Nau Mubarak – Qutb Online 1 January 2015

1 jan

Host: Syed Bilal Qutab

Qutb Online is an interesting amalgamation of religious and philosophical content, Qutb Online addresses various principles of Islam.


The program highlights teaching of Islam, focusing on the multitude problems of society and its impact on the lives of individuals. It also incorporates queries from live audience and take live calls. Encouraging intelligent dialogues on sensitive religious subjects, Qutb Online caters various topics to help eradicate misconceptions that prevail in the minds of people.

Fresh Timing : Wednesday, and Thursday. 7:00 Pm Р8:00 PM

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One Response to Saale Nau Mubarak – Qutb Online 1 January 2015

  1. Yasmin says:

    Not everyone expose their problems in public. Confidential matters must be addressed in person. How can we be guided if our schoolers are only available online and they do not bother to listen to your heart when you need to be guided.
    Why should I expose myself in public while Allah wants us all to keep parda in your personal affairs.

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