3 Responses to Qayyamat ki Nishaniyan – Syed Bilal Qutb in Program Tasawuf Value TV

  1. Bilal says:

    Very good show, would have been interesting if had been put in a proper sequence or chain of event. Randomness is irritating.

  2. Rana Umair says:

    yar kia chawal host betha dia hai. na swal krny ka dhang hai . achy khasy subject ki aysi ki tesi phair di h

  3. Waleed says:

    Rana Umair,

    Amm Khao … gutliyaa na Geno.

    Ali Abbas is doing a good job. He is Keen to what he asks and what topic he chooses – tries to take it into depth by good approach.
    As per asking question in a way which you don’t apprehend, doesn’t mean that others would feel the same !

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