Hassad – Iftar Ka Samaa 2 August 2013

A studio based Live transmission with Sanam Baloch and eminent Sufi scholar, Syed Bilal Qutab. The program will be packed with standard and special Ramazan specific segments and a diverse lineup of guests including celebrities, musicians, comedians, politicians and an array of regular panelists.

Hosts: Syed Bilal Qutab and Sanam Baloch

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One Response to Hassad – Iftar Ka Samaa 2 August 2013

  1. Dear MR Qutab, Ms Baloch and the team of Samaa, firstly many congratulations on delivering such transparent and courageous messages by highlighting, discussing and promoting th dialogue of issues such as Hassad. My belief is Hassad exists is many forms and in different proportions in each individual and is inserted within us by Allah (s.w.t) as another means to test and challenge us. it is triggered by our lack of confidence and low self esteem. Now that we know it exists in us, more is some of us and less in others thence need to take control of this emotion and not legit beat us. Now if we are aware and conscious of this within us then we can surely resist it and dismiss it however I think the biggest challenge for us in our daily lives it how do we ensure that our loved ones also take control of this and not left it effect them? I feel the most effective way is to discuss it openly as Samaa has done by bringing this topic to our living room. I can certainly tell you that on my visit to Pakistan in April, I experienced this within a few female members of my family and I felt this has taken over their life. since I was only visiting for a short period, I was concerned of how I can highlight this in a diplomatic manner and without causing offence so when I was asked by the same member of family how is it that I manage to maintain such good attitude towards my sister in laws, I ceased the opportunity and said that I believe if you take charge of the Hassad within yourself then 99% of your problems will also be solved.

    Due to iftari preparation and other reasons I only manage to watch about ten minutes of your programme, howeve that is enough to establish that our team is doing a phenomenal job in delivering such intelligent programme. I would like to congratulate you all again and wish you all the very best.

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