Khulaa Aur Tanseekhe Nikaah – Qutab Online 29 May 2015


Host: Syed Bilal Qutab

Qutb Online is an interesting amalgamation of religious and philosophical content, Qutb Online addresses various principles of Islam.


The program highlights teaching of Islam, focusing on the multitude problems of society and its impact on the lives of individuals. It also incorporates queries from live audience and take live calls. Encouraging intelligent dialogues on sensitive religious subjects, Qutb Online caters various topics to help eradicate misconceptions that prevail in the minds of people.

Fresh Timing : Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . 7:00 Pm Р8:00 PM

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2 Responses to Khulaa Aur Tanseekhe Nikaah – Qutab Online 29 May 2015

  1. Muhammad Umer says:

    AoA, bilal bhai aap ki baat theek hai keh Islam main zabardasti ka tasawar nahi but hamari society main bohat say pressures hotay hain aurat per bhi aur mard per bhi, mard to sometimes pressures bardast ker laita hai but aurat nahi kerti.
    meri bewi nay bhi khula ka case kia apnay ghar walon kay pressure main a ker aur jhotay ilzamat lagay keh main osay marta hon, drink kerta hon, late night ghar ata hon etc ect. jan main nay un kay ghar ja ker pocha keh aap nay jhoot kiyon bola to woh kehnay lagay agar yeh likha hai to jhoot hain hamein to ilam nahi wakeel nay likh diya ho ga.
    I said keh agar aap ko khula chahyeh the to aap mujhay bula laitay jo aap ke demands court say hain woh main pori ker daita, adalat main janay ka kia faida jab keh aap nay jab families kar baray bethay thay os waqat aap nay aisi koi baat nahi ki, Yahi kaha keh jo husband wife decision karein woh qabool ho ga aur os kay baad meri bewi nay khud mujhay kaha keh main rehna chahti hon aur after one month aap court main chalay gay. Bewi say pocha to os nay yeh kaha keh nahi sari life mujhay hi bura kaha jai ga aur aap mujhay rent kay ghar main lay ja rahay hain meri family ko security nahi hai aur main nay istikhara bhi kiya hai woh theek nahi aya.
    I said Allah ki bandi istikhara to shadi say pehlay kiya jata hai, main yeh kaisay maan lon keh 2 unknown persons nikkah kay rishtay main bandh jain aur Allah shadi kay baad aap ko dekha day keh agay bura ho ga, yeh tumharay wahem hain jo nazar a rahay hain, in ko dur kernay kay wastay hi tumhein alag ghar main lay ker ja raha hon.
    At last meri bewi nay court main bhi yahi kaha keh osay meray sath nahi rehna aur court nay case union council send ker diya keh 90 days ka time hai aap log ruju ker saktay ho.
    Meray father and mother is duniya main nahi hain, meri wife kay father bhi nahi hain and she is above 30 and my age is 40 aur shadi ko abhi 15 months howay thay, kia yeh zulm nahi hai keh shohar nay kabi hath nahi uthaya, kabi galli nahi de, aur khud bhi kai baar lainay kay wastay gia aur relatives to bhi lay ker gia jinhon nay meri gawahi de, aur wife nay pehlay iqrar kia but phir family pressure main a ker khula lay le.
    Main nay study kia Islam ko different scholars ko suna, kuch questions aye mind main keh Allah kiyon itni importance daita hai aik married life ko? Talaq dainay ka tareeqa jo biyaan kiya gia 3 waqfon main os main kiyon kaha gia keh aurat iddat ka time shohar kay ghar main guzaray? Talaq e Ahsan kay baad dobara bhi nikkah new mehar kay sath ho sakta hai? Halala bhi ho sakta hai?
    Itnay chances aik married life to safe kernay kay liyeh agar insaan kay bas main ho to 10 minutes bhi na lagay relationship khatam kernay main. Allah nay Quran sirf Arabs kay liyeh aur aik zamanay kay liyeh nahi utara tha, Arabs main to aaj bhi talaq ya khula yafta aurat ka nikkah ho jata hai Pakistan main bohat mushkil hai

    Hazrat Umer (R.A) nay Talaq kay qanoon main tabdeeli farmai because logon nay is law ko ghlat use kerna start ker diya tha woh apni auraton ko talaq daitay aur mudat khatam honay say pehlay ruju ker laitay. So Hazrat Umer (R.A) nay law main change kiya. Aaj kal to talaq aur khula ki ratio bohat ziada ho gai hai courts full hain in cases main, yahan aisay qanoon ki zaroorat hai jo basic rights kay khilaf na ho but woh is ratio ko kam ker sakay.

  2. munawar says:

    after listening to the discussion and conduct of anchor person it appears that the anchor person wants to impose his personal thoughts on the audiance. His job should be to give equal chance to all the participants to express their views and then sum them up as impartially as possible.In this duiscussion he has tried to override and reject those views which in his opinion are not correct . He bloated the views of a lady retired judge although she herself admitted that she had said something wrong.Such skewed discussion and conclusion is unwarranted.The CII is not one person’s views. Its a body or institution which after due process of deliberations gives its opinion.We should not redicule it publically. If in the views of the anchor person they are not right then their views shold not be sought.What a pity? The man is told to give Talaq for iddat i.e to wait for 3 period after pronouncing Talaq once.But the lady is given the right to say once that she is not willing to live with her husband and she is set free from matrimonial tie.Was she not a party to the marriage contract.How can you expect a man to spend a lot money again on second marriage w/o his fault.The views should not be coloured as a war between women and men. The marriage contract should be saved through all possible means.We should not follow the west blindly. Their family system has already collapsed. No adult person is ready to marry. The women are running here and there for illegal sex.Do you want this kind of situation to prevail here.Certainly none wants that. In the name of liberation of women we are propagating western thoughts which is not correct.

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