Darbar Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa – Qutb Online 1 June 2016


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The program highlights teaching of Islam, focusing on the multitude problems of society and its impact on the lives of individuals. It also incorporates queries from live audience and take live calls. Encouraging intelligent dialogues on sensitive religious subjects, Qutb Online caters various topics to help eradicate misconceptions that prevail in the minds of people.

Fresh Timing : Wednesday, Thursday and Friday . 7:00 Pm – 8:00 PM

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3 Responses to Darbar Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa – Qutb Online 1 June 2016

  1. Engineer Nazir Malik says:

    Please correct the information that imam Shafi never met IMam Abo hanifa because in which night Imam Abo Hanifa died same night before Fajar Imam Shafi born in Makkah.
    2ndly Rafadain and Ameen case was in between Imam Malik (Madina) and Imam About Hanifa because they were in same time.

  2. Engineer Nazir Malik says:

    It true that in the world Hanfi mazhub is more than others but that is not due to strong Fiqah of Abo Hanifa but because of Imam Abo-Yousf was appointed as Qazi Al-qaza and he implemented entire Fiqah of his own teacher Imam Abo Hanifa and khalifa announced that no mufti is allowed to practice other than Abo-Hanifa Fiqah.
    It was declared Government Mazhab.
    Refer to history of Islam.

    Please be informed that I am Muqlad of Imam Abo-Hanifa but up to certain limit but when my Imam Abo-Hanifa go beyond /against Quraan & Sunah than I have to obey Quraan & Sunah and disregards whatever Imam says.

    An example case is mudat Razaiat. According to Imam Abo-Hanifa it is 2.5 years but Quraan clear cut says that Mudat Razaiat is 2 years only. Now I have to follow Quraan because it is standard.
    Please note that by pracing such procedures I remains still hanfi.

    Therefor it suggested that Tadveen Fiqah must be conducted once again using state-of-the-art available facilities to get transperent picture of the religion Islam.
    We should not forget that different Fiqahas are the main cause of Firqa Perasti. Let us come back to our origin Quraan and sunah and that will be really a religion that our prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.

    Please don’t misunderstand me and try to conceive the real message.

    With best regards,

  3. Engineer Nazir Malik says:

    Qutab Sahib
    Two week back I have left cited above two comments but regret to say that no response so far encountered from any end even you have also ignored these valuable comments. It worth to mention that minimum from your end thanks or appreciation or minimum acknowledgement must be posted.

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