8 Responses to Exclusive Interview of Syed Bilal Qutab in Daily Ausaf Sunday Magazine

  1. sajid dar says:

    I would like to read about some more issues.i don’t feel satiated.

  2. kashaf says:

    This introview is not enough i want to read more about sir bilal.


  4. rahat imtiaz says:

    Well said . I do believe there is jaado and people do on each other whatever the relations are . How shall i say some times damagi imraaz are linked to it . Yes Quran is the only way to settle life on track . Masha allah i do read Quran and sura iklas , falaq and naas every day ayetil kursi and darood most of the time specially before to go bed . Lots of things have happened in my life and have seen lots of things or in other words makhloq or whatever . They come and show their appearence even when u r not ready or unexpected even i wasn’t aware of it what the thing is . Ager relatives nahi kertay hain kuch tu phir yeh sub kuch kiya hy?

  5. Ash says:

    I want to ask k qutb online mai bilal sahib kis base pe logo k questions k reply kertay hain. inko naam sun k hi itni detail kesay pata chal jati hai aur jo ye unko perhnay ko batatay hain wo kahan say reference letay hain? plz reply

  6. syed wadi hussain says:

    i like the interview, i would like to ask about the “murakba” i have seen a tv programe of Sir bilal about Marakba but unfortunitly i seen that from end , now i am highly appriciated if you mail or share that programe of sir Bilal to me .
    thanks alot.
    many prayers for Sir Bilal

  7. Ayesha says:

    ur words direct touches the heart u r doing great job sir

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